Motorola XTS2500 II 7/800 MHz Digital Two Way Radio P25 IMPRES

  • Model: XTS2500 II 800 MHz
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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Motorola XTS2500 II 800 MHz Digital Two Way Radio P25 ADP with IMPRES Li-ion Battery and Charger

800 MHz: 806-870
700 MHz: 764-776, 794-806
RF Power 3W
870 Channels
8MB Flashport

Channel Spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz
Operates on conventional, P25 analog and digital trunked systems.
Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP) Encryption
APCO Project 16 (3600 control channel)
APCO Project 25 (9600 control channel)
ASTRO Analog and Digital Trunking with Mutual Aid
ASTRO25 Digital Trunking with Mutual Aid
Narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver (12.5 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz)
Embedded digital signaling (ASTRO & ASTRO 25)
High quality, error corrected digital voice
Noise Reduction Software
Audio Gain Control
Large bitmap display
Limited Keypad
Time / Date
Caller ID

ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
Enhanced Digital ID Display
Trunked Remote Monitor/Radio Trace
Trunked One Touch Status Message
3600/9600 Interoperability/Mixed Mode Signaling
Over the Air Provisioning
SmartZone Systems Operation
ASTRO 25 Trunking Radio Authentication
APCO Packet Data Interface
Conventional Voting Scan
SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking
ADP Software Encryption
9600 Baud Trunking

Software encryption
Prevents scanners, unwanted listeners and other interference.

BRAVO122 Processor
Host Version R20.50.10
DSP Version R19.50.01
Tuning Version R01.08.12
Secure Version ADP

XTS2500 Enhanced audio
Delivers a clear signal via noise reduction software and audio gain control.

Man down
PTT button
On/Off volume knob
2 programmable side buttons
Programmable monitor button
3-position concentric switch
16-position top mounted rotary knob
Programmable orange emergency button
Convenience Features Time / Date and Caller ID

Whether en route or on site this robust radio assures crisp continuous high-quality communication and is an affordable way to migrate seamlessly to the APCO Project 25 digital standard.

Large bitmap display
Narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver
Embedded digital signaling (ASTRO & ASTRO 25)
Analog Digital Conventional Systems Operation
Status icons including battery and received signal strength indicator
Supported Encryption Algorithms ADP, AES, DES, DES-XL and DES-OFB, DVP-XL
Large Bitmap Display 2 lines of icons 2 lines of text with 12 characters per line
Trunking standards supported APCO Project 16 (3600 control channel) APCO Project 25 (9600 control channel)

When lives are at stake a rapid coordinated response is imperative. Motorola XTS 2500 800 MHz high performance digital radio lets you respond immediately and interoperate effectively helping turn Mission Critical into mission complete.

Compatible with most MTS and XTS accessories
Supports USB and RS-232 communications Built in FLASHport support
XTS 2500 Utilizes Windows-Based Customer Programming Software (CPS)
Includes several test channels. Additional programming is buyer responsibility.
Compatibility with other two-way radio models uses same accessories as some XTS, HT, MT or MTS units.


What's included?

Motorola XTS2500 Model 2 800 MHz P25 Digital Two Way Radio, Remote Speaker Microphone, Antenna, IMPRES Li-Ion Battery and Charger. See Pictures!

Model XTS 2500 II
Band 800 MHz
Color Traditional Black

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