Motorola JEDI Commander II VHF UHF Remote Speaker Microphone

  • Model: RMN5089B Commander II RSM
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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Designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency Medical, Military and Federal Agencies.


Type: Portable/Handheld Microphone
Model: Commander II
Frequency Band(s): VHF UHF
Country of Manufacture: Mexico
Compatibility: XTS3000 XTS3500 XTS4250 XTS5000


Motorola JEDI Commander II VHF UHF Remote Speaker Microphone XTS3000 XTS5000

Even more convenient communication is at hand for first-responders. The Commander II remote speaker radio microphone can help public safety professionals stay in command. Users of XTS 3000 and XTS 5000 two-way radios can further customize their radios with this Commander II microphone. 
Motorola Public Safety Remote Speaker Microphone
The Commander II Remote Speaker Microphone features windporting technology which dramatically lessens background noise in windy and other severe weather conditions. 
Audio can pass through the speaker grill even when the microphone port is wet, ensuring clear communication at all times. One channel selector, emergency button, volume control and 2 programmable buttons make the Commander II an excellent choice for public safety.
16-channel selector knob has tactile feedback. Ideal for firefighters, police and other professionals who frequently keep their XTS Series two-way radio inside a case or under their clothing. Users can access important controls without reaching for the radio. Compatible with ASTRO Digital XTS 5000, and XTS 3000 two-way radios* only
16 channel selector knob
Orange emergency button
Volume control
2 programmable buttons
Coiled cord
Push-to-talk switch
Swivel clip
3.5 mm audio jack
Works with Motorola XTS 3000* and XTS 5000 radios**
*The RMN5089B is not compatible with XTS 3000 radios with VSELP firmware. ** The XTS 5000 must have a radio host code of R02.20.00 or later / System Enhancement Release (SER) of Q42002 or later.
Motorola Police Fire EMS Commander II Remote Speaker Microphone
Motorola RMN5089B Commander II Remote Speaker Microphone features windporting technology and is an ideal speaker mic for firefighters and police. Windporting feature helps reduce background noise from high winds and other weather conditions.
Microphone Type: Omnidirectional
Channel Change Knob:
16 position channel knob, RSM/Radio
Volume Control Levels: Seven levels, radio minimum to maximum with feedback tone
Orange Emergency Button: Located on top surface mimics radio emergency button
Programmable Buttons: Two located beneath PTT mimics radio programmable buttons.
Speaker Diameter: 45mm
Output Power: .5W @ rated audio
Audio Jack:  3.5mm unthreaded jack
Case Material: Flame resistant polycarbonate

Motorola Commander II Police Fire EMS Remote Speaker Radio Microphone


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OEM Motorola Commander II Remote Speaker Microphone Only.

Motorola Commander 2 Remote Speaker Microphone. SEE PICTURES.
MPN: RMN5089B 

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