Motorola HT1000 Construction Job site Two Way Radio VHF 136-174

  • Model: H01KDC9AA3DN
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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Motorola Synthesized NarrowBand Portable VHF Radio for Public Safety, Government, Police, Fire, EMS, Commercial, Mining, Petroleum...etc.

  • Band VHF
  • Model: HT1000
  • Frequency Range: 136 - 174 MHz
  • Channel Spacing: 12.5/25/30 kHz

HT1000 VHF Easy Access Controls - RSS Programmable - Band split 136-174 MHz - Power 5 Watts

Enhanced Audio
The HT 1000 radio is one of the loudest portables ever developed by Motorola. Improved voice intelligibility at high volumes means less distortion and fewer miscommunications. The radio’s optional standard noise canceling microphone will minimize background noise.

Channel Scan Monitoring
Allows the radio to scan all of its operating channels. Channel Scan is capable of scanning for PL, DPL, Carrier Squelch, Quik-Call and Stat-Alert Selective Call and can be configured for Non-Priority or Single Priority operation. The HT 1000 radio also includes Talk-back scan and nuisance channel delete capability where the user can temporarily delete an unwanted active channel from the scan list by simply pressing a button.

Adjustable Power Levels
The HT 1000 portable can be programmed to adjust RF power levels automatically on a mode slaved basis, or manually through operation of a switch. Variable RFpower level provides the radio with the capability of having up to two power levels in one radio, and the capability of operating in high or low power on a per channel basis.

Smart PTT-Busy Channel Lockout
Prevent users from “talking over” each other by restricting the user from transmitting if activity is detected on the channel. The radio will generate a continuous tone upon PTT depress if a transmission is not being allowed. Inhibit Transmit can be activated for any busy channel or only on a busy channel with a different squelch code. A quick-key over-ride option can work in conjunction with Smart PTT to allow the user to override the transmit inhibit state for times when transmission is critical.

Repeater and Talkaround Operation
Allows the user to choose operation through a repeater (where the transmit frequency is not equal to the receive frequency), or operation that bypasses a repeater and talks directly to another unit (Talkaround or Direct Operation). When the feature is mode slaved, the channel is programmed to operate either in the direct or repeat mode. Alternatively, the repeater/talkaround function can be programmed to the three position toggle switch where the user can select from the two operating choices in the field.

Coded Squelch Operation
Allows the user to operate a radio in Carrier Squelch, PL or DPL mode. All of these different modes of operation are available, with 16 unique decode codes and 16 unique encode codes all possible in a single radio unit. When in the Carrier Squelch mode, the user will hear all traffic on the selected channel, but when operating in PL or DPL modes, the user will hear only those messages that are intended for his group. Tone PL and Digital PL can be mixed on a per channel basis.

Low Battery Alert
The LED indicator will blink red if the battery falls below a specified voltage level while in the transmit mode. The radio can also be programmed to sound an alert tone if the low battery condition is detected during transmission or periodically while in the stand-by mode.

Quik-Call Signalling
Selective Signalling Decode Provides another convenient way for the dispatcher to initiate a voice page message to an individual or a group. When the user receives a Selective Call, the radio will generate alert tones, flash the green LED, and will unmute so an incoming message can be heard. The radio stays unmuted until the user takes action. A Quik-Call II signal can be Individual Call, a long Tone B Group Call or a Dual Call.

MDC-1200 STAT-ALERT Signalling
Unit ID and Emergency—Each HT 1000 radio can be programmed to send a unique digital identification code at the beginning of each transmission, at the end, or both. This ID may be combined with an emergency alarm that is activated by an emergency button on that top of the radio. The dispatcher cannot only quickly identify the radio user, but can also receive nearly instant clear indication of critical situations.

Call Alert and Selective Call Decode
Provides an efficient way for the dispatcher to initiate a page or a voice page message to an individual or a group. It is a convenient way to eliminate the need for users to listen to traffic that does not concern them. When the user receives a Call Alert, the radio will continuously generate a series of four tones as well as flash the green LED until the user takes action. When the user receives a Selective Call, the radio will generate alert tones, flash the green LED, and will unmute so an incoming message can be heard.

Radio Check
Allows the dispatcher to determine if the radio unit is on the air and within communications range without disturbing the radio operator.

Compatible with most MTS accessories.
Utilizes Motorola RSS programming software in DOS environment.


What's included?
Motorola HT1000 NarrowBand VHF Portable Radio, battery, charger and antenna. See Pictures!

Band: VHF
Model: HT1000
Frequency 136-174 MHz
FCC ID: AZ489FT3768

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