Motorola GPS Remote Speaker Microphone RSM for XTS2500 XTS5000

  • Model: HMN4084A GPS RSM
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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Motorola GPS RSM Remote Speaker Microphone

Brand Motorola
Type RSM Microphone
Band VHF UHF 800 MHz

Emergency Button
2 Programmable Buttons
Full-range Volume Control
Audio Jack on Microphone Head
16-position Channel Selector Knob

Motorola  ASTRO Digital XTS5000 Model I, II, III, and Ruggedized Two Way Radios
Motorola XTS2500 Model I, 1.5, II, III and Ruggedized Two Way Radios.

Spend more time on mission-critical communications - and less time having to ask “what’s your location?”

Dispatchers can send whomever is closest to each occurrence, reducing response time and improving staff management. In dangerous situations, dispatchers can keep close watch on everyone’s position for greater security - including onfoot patrols and out-of-vehicle officers.

RSM Power Source: Radio Battery
Channel Change Knob: 16 Position
Volume Control: Volume Up/Down Buttons on face of RSM
Side Programmable Buttons: 2, activate side buttons of radio
Orange Emergency Button: Located on top surface, activates radio Emergency Button
Volume Control Levels: Ten levels, maximum to minimum volume; feedback tone when receive audio not present

Global Positioning System GPS
Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM), XTS2500 XTS5000 portable two-way radio users can be automatically tracked by satellite throughout North America.

The audio jack allows use of discreet audio communication accessories.

Submersible when used with the following ruggedized radio models:
XTS 5000R Ruggedized Models I and III
XTS 2500i Ruggedized Models I, 1.5, II and III

Supports the following GPS position update triggers to the Radio User: Local Position Update
Location information can be shown to the user on the radio display. Requires the XTS 2500 (Models 1.5, II or III) or XTS 5000 (Model lI or III).

Supports the following GPS position update triggers to the Dispatcher:
Radio User Initiated
Emergency Alarm Location Request
Location Request Upon Radio Power-On
Emergency Push-to-Talk Location Request

Requires an ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data System with components including:
Astro Presence Notifier Application (RVN4198)
Astro Location Application Developers Kit (RVN5030)
A Location Application that supports Motorola's Location Request / Response Protocol (LRRP) and interfaces to Motorola's Presence Notifier Application in order to obtain location data from the radio.

GPS Global Positioning System
Simultaneous Satellites: 12
Autonomous Non Assisted GPS
Integrated PIFI style GPS Antenna

Motorola HMN4084A GPS Remote Speaker Microphone with Audio Jack Compatible with Motorola Earpieces.
XTS5000 radios must have a radio host code of R06.01.00 or later.
XTS2500 radios must have Tanapa version B hardware and a radio host code of R10.00.00


What's included?

Motorola HMN4084A GPS RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone). See Pictures!

Connectivity: 3.5 mm
Form Factor: Clip-On
Type: Microphone RSM
Pickup Pattern: Full Range
Compatible Brand: For Motorola
Features: Volume controls, Channel Monitor, Water Resistant, Built-in Headphone Jack

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