Motorola ASTRO XTS5000 II P25 Digital Two Way Radio 7/800 ADP

  • Model: H18UCF9PW6AN
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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Designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency Medical, Military and Federal Agencies.

Model: XTS5000 II

  • ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
  • Enhanced Digital ID Display
  • Trunked Remote Monitor/Radio Trace
  • Trunked One Touch Status Message
  • APCO Packet Data Interface
  • Conventional Voting Scan
  • SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
  • ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking
  • Fireground Voice/Channel Announcement
  • ADP Software Encryption

Motorola XTS5000 P25 interoperable Digital Radio Supported Trunking standards: Clear or Digital Encrypted APCO P16 and APCO25 P25

Product Specifics

Band: FM
Color: Black
Service: P25
Product Line: ASTRO
Memory: 1000 Channels
FLASHport Memory: 8MB
Model: ASTRO XTS 5000
Number of Channels  1000
Channel Spacing: 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz
Country/Region of Manufacture: Malaysia
Maximum Frequency Separation: Full Bandsplit

Power: 1 to 3 Watts
Bandwidth: Narrowband Wideband
Supported Modes: ASTRO Digital and Analog
Communications Protocol: APCO Project 25 (P25)

Features: Auto Scan, Emergency Alarm, Conventional Voting Scan, ADP Software Encryption, Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL), Channel Monitor, CTCSS, DCS

Firmware R20.50.10
DSP R19.50.01
FLASHport Memory 8MB

ASTRO XTS 5000 II 800 MHz Police Fire EMS SECUREnet P25 Trunking Radio

Embedded Digital Signaling (ASTRO & ASTRO 25)
Narrow and Wide Bandwidth Digital Receiver (12.5 kHz / 25 kHz)
SmartZone, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet, and Conventional System Configurations and ASTRO25 Trunked Operation.

Channel Capacity 1000
Channel Spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz
Maximum Frequency Separation Full Bandsplit
Embedded digital signaling (ASTRO & ASTRO 25)
RF Output Power 764-806 MHz: 1 to 3 W - 806-870 MHz: 1 to 3 W
Frequency Range/Bandsplits 700 MHz: 764-777, 794-806 - 800 MHz: 806-824, 851-870
Improved Multi Band Excitation (IMBE) (4.4 Kbps IMBE, 2.8 Kbs Error Correction Coding 2.4 Kbps Embedded Signaling)

Encryption Algorithm Capacity 8
Optional Supported Encryption Algorithms AES, DES, DES-XL and DES-OFB, DVP-XL, DVI-XL

Supported Encryption Keys per Radio Module capable of storing 1024 keys. Programmable for 48 common Key Reference (CKR) or 16 Physical Identifier (PID)

Large PTT Button
Transmit LED Indicator
3 Position Toggle Switch
Orange Emergency Button
Angled On/Off Volume Knob
2 Position Concentric Switch
3 Programmable Side Buttons
Dial From Pre-Stored Lists or Free-Form Entry
Illuminated 16 Position Top Mounted Rotary Knob
Programmable Soft Keys for Easy Access to Radio Menu

Backlit Keypad
3 soft keys
3 navigation keys

Full Bitmap Display
2 lines of icons 4 lines of text with 12 characters per line
Status icons including battery and power indicator

Motorola XTS5000 Model 2 800 MHz Public Safety Government Military Project 25 Trunking Radio.

Utilizes Windows-based Customer Programming Software (CPS) Supports USB and RS-232 communications.
Built in FLASHport support. Compatible with most MTS and XTS accessories.

What's included?

Motorola XTS 5000 Model 2 800MHz P25 Digital Two Way Radio, Commander 2 Speaker Microphone, Battery, Charger and Antenna. See Pictures!

Band: 7/800 MHz
FCC ID: AZ489FT5806
Model: ASTRO XTS5000 II
FLASHport 509008-001686-1

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