Motorola APX3000 TDMA UHF Digital Covert Two Way Radio P25 GPS

  • Model: H59QDD9PW4AN
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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Motorola APX 3000 P25 TDMA UHF Digital Two Way Radio Covert Undercover Autonomous MCW GPS Bluetooth AES DES

Model APX 3000
Channel Capacity 512
FCC ID: AZ489FT4911
UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz)

Platform: APX3000
FLASHport Memory 64 MB
Flashcode: H44068-011690-2

  • Q806: ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
  • H43: Trunked Remote Monitor/Radio Trace
  • H869: Hardware Multikey Encryption
  • QA00571: Primary Band: UHF Range 1
  • QA00583: Enable Bluetooth Operation
  • QA01749: Legacy SW System Key Enable
  • H38: SmartZone Systems Operation
  • QA00782: Enable GPS Operation
  • Q947: APCO Packet Data Interface
  • Q387: Conventional Voting Scan
  • Q173: SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
  • QA00580: Enable TDMA Operation
  • Q361: ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking

One black 2-wire earbud headphones, One white 2-wire earbud headphones, One black single-wire earbud headphones, 3.5mm adapter to connect to any consumer off-the-shelf headphones.

Whether you’re calling for back-up in a foot chase or conferring with detectives at a stake-out, your wireless devices must be remarkably secure and robust. Easy and intuitive, fast and trouble-free, yet tough enough to withstand the heat of action and long hours of wear.

Bluetooth with “teeth”. SECURE EVERY WORD.
It’s more secure than ever before. Secure solution when it’s 128-bit encryption is properly keyed and turned on. 

You want a wireless solution that’s easy to use, instantaneous to connect and comfortable to wear. A solution that works with radios that don’t have displays or keypads. So second nature, you don’t have to second guess if it works. Whether you’re a commander on the scene or an officer on the beat, you can be sure every word is heard and every word is secure.

Channel Spacing 25/20/12.5 KHz
Maximum Frequency Separation Full Bandsplit
RF Output Power 5 Watts

12 Channels
Tracking Sensitivity –159 dBm
Accuracy <10 meters (95%)
Cold Start <60 seconds (95%)
Hot Start <10 seconds (95%)
Mode of Operation Autonomous (Non-Assisted) GPS

Codeplug: R14.00.00
Firmware: R14.00.04
DSP: R14.00.04
Tuning: R01.10.03
PSDT: R07.00.00
Bootloader: R20.04.00
FLASHport Memory: 64MB

Secure Version: R010725
Secure Hardware Type: MACE
Secure Hardware Version: SHWY05

Bluetooth Board Firmware Version: R09.00.00
Water and Dust Intrusion IP67

Audible Voice Announcements
Pre-recorded and user programmable voice file provides a description of the selected channel or zone.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware encryption provides tamper-proof security to ensure the highest level of secure communications.


Whether you’re an undercover officer or in special operations, you need to communicate securely while blending into the surroundings. You want to connect instantly while controlling your radio covertly - from a backpack, a bag or beneath clothing. You depend on continuous coverage in buildings, on streets and in hard-to reach places. That’s why the high-powered APX 3000 P25 UHF covert portable radio is the perfect addition to your team. 

The APX 3000 P25 TDMA radio helps personnel stay inconspicuous and in contact while it stays out of sight. From its slim, lightweight design to its Mission Critical Wireless accessories, it assures high security, excellent flexibility and easy modularity.


The APX 3000 was designed for covert operations by removing traditional elements - the keypad, display, speaker and microphone - to create a slim, compact radio that operates via accessories. So if the connection with the accessory is ever lost, the radio’s communications won’t compromise the mission. To further minimize discovery, we downplayed lights and eliminated the audio output to make sure officers are never given away.


APX3000 lets your officers and agents communicate discreetly without attracting interest or creating a distraction. A wide variety of Mission Critical Wireless accessories lets them choose how to wear the radio - on a belt, in a backpack, bag or purse, on your body, or carried by a team member up to 30 feet away.

The comfortable, covert undercover surveillance earpiece is ideal for suited personnel on protective detail. While the Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth earbud headphones look as if an undercover officer is simply talking on the phone or listening to music. A flexible antenna option can be attached to the body and hidden under clothes. And an optional Mission Critical Wireless push-to-talk pod makes it easy to communicate wirelessly with the radio wherever it is concealed.


The APX3000 is ideal for improving situational awareness and enhancing safety. Quick secure touch pairing lets your team pair accessories with the radio while suiting up, in the van or on the go. Applications like GPS tracking and man down track their location in real-time and send an alert if an operative is in trouble. And because it’s forward and backward compatible with all Motorola mission critical radio systems, you can trust voice communications to be interoperable with existing devices and systems.

Utilizes Windows-based Customer Programming Software (CPS) Supports USB and RS-232 communications. Built in FLASHport support.


What's included?

Motorola APX3000 Covert UHF (380-470 MHz) P25 Digital Two Way Radio, Speaker Microphone,  2x Antenna, MCW Covert Kit, 1x PMAE4080 UHF Covert Flexible Antenna, Impres Battery and Charger. SEE PICTURES.

Model APX 3000
FCC ID AZ489FT4911
UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz)
PMAE4080 UHF covert flexible antenna attaches to the body under clothing

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