Motorola Digital Trunking XTL5000 Consolette Base Station 800MHz

  • Model: L20URS9PW1AN XTL5000 Consolette
  • Manufactured by: Motorola


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XTL5000 Consolette is ideal for local law enforcement, utility and transportation users that need a low cost RF control station solution within an ASTRO 25 system and want a wireless dispatch solution.

Model: XTL5000
Radio Type: Consolette
FCC ID: AZ492FT5823
Frequency: 800 MHz

The XTL 5000 Consolette can also be utilized as an emergency backup station for when the infrastructure is off-line, as a low cost dispatch center for state and local agencies, and as a fire station alerting system.

  • ASTRO Digital Operation
  • Enhanced Digital ID Display
  • Hardware Multikey Encryption with OTAR
  • Trunked One-touch Status Message
  • XTL5000 RF Pre-amp
  • Packet Data Interface
  • Over-the-air Provisioning
  • SmartZone Omnilink Multi-zone Operation
  • ASTRO25 9600bps Trunking Operation

Delivering value above and beyond the P25 standard, ASTRO 25 offers innovative software features to improve your safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Secure Encryption

Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP) 

Pre-Amp 0.25 µV
RF Power Output 50W
Channel Spacing: 12.5/25/30 kHz
Maximum Frequency Separation Full Bandsplit

Firmware: R20.50.10
DSP: R19.50.01
FLASHport Memory: 8MB

ASTRO P25 Project 25 capable on Trunking systems
APCO Project-25 (IMBE) Project 25-CAI Digital User Group Addresses 65,000 Conventional 4,094 Trunking

Internal 5 Watt Speaker
Full 9600 Baud Features
Channels 512 Up to 512 Modes
Rocker Switch Mode and Volume Controls
8 Character/One Line Alphanumeric Display

Front Panel Operation with 3 x 4 Keypad for Direct Dialing, Electronic Mode/Volume Control
Multiple modes of operation in a single radio (ASTRO digital clear and encrypted, and Analog) Narrow and wide bandwidth

Text Messaging
9600 and 3600 Baud capable
Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP)
Programming Over Project 25 (POP25)
Dual mode operation (ASTRO Digital and Analog)
Project 25 capability on Conventional and Trunking systems
Project 25 compliance interoperable voice signaling features

Designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency Medical, Military and Federal Agencies.

Includes several test channels. Additional programming is buyer responsibility.
Utilizes Windows-based Customer Programming Software (CPS) Supports USB and RS-232 communications.

What's included?

Motorola ASTRO Digital XTL 5000 800 MHz P25 Two-Way Radio Base Station Consolette, Microphone and Magnetic Base Antenna. See Pictures!

Model: XTL5000
Radio Type: Consolette
FCC ID: AZ492FT5823
Frequency: 800 MHz
Frequency Range: 806-869 MHz

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